Our 2016 Challenge

The Nepal International Marathon on 26 November


This year, members of the original team who ran the marathon in Sierra Leone in 2012 reunited to run a marathon in Nepal on 26 November 2016.  The team are again supporting the work of the UK based charity, Street Child, who has been working in Nepal since 2015 in response to the earthquake, and again the plan is to raise enough money to help support the return of schools. This time in the mountains of Nepal.

After the earthquake in Nepal in 2015 the country has been in urgent need of support to get it back on track. One of the key needs is to rebuild schools.The earthquake left one million children out of school and destroyed over 50,000 classrooms. Some of the worst affected places have been remote villages deep in the Himalayan mountains


Street Child has been working in Nepal since 2015 and has already set-up 40 temporary learning cetres in Okhaldunga. They are now in the advanced planning stages to build 45 semi-permanent schools in four of the districts worst affected by the earthquake.

Running For Change’s goal is to raise enough money to support one of the new learning centres which will provide schooling for up to 65 children.

And we would like to give a sincere thanks to:


All money collected by Running For Change goes direct to the projects in Nepal. Members of Running For Change pay for all of their own travel costs. Therefore it has been a huge help to have Turkish Airlines support us by providing two of our team's return flight tickets to Nepal for free.

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The Mission

  • Sierra Leone Marathon 2012
  • Students from Tambakha
  • Vilnius Marathon 2012

In 2012 six runners from Lithuania created a team with one objective in mind - to run the first ever Sierra Leone Marathon on 9 June 2012 in Sierra Leone, in support of the charity Street Child. 

Since our first visit to the country we have kept running, working and talking in order to continue raising as much money as we can. We returned to Sierra Leone in May 2013 and May 2014, to run again in the Marathon, and to return to the region of Tambakha where the money raised will be used to build a school. 

A film from our time in Sierra Leone: 


By the end of 2013 we had reached our initial target of Euro 25,000. This amount will   fund the construction of a small primary school in the village of Kortor - one that has been 'Made in Lithuania' - and will fully support it for three years. The school will provide education for over 130 children from the surrounding villages.

We continued our fund-raising for Sierra Leone in 2014 & 2015, providing further funding to the school in Kortor, and later helping Street Child with their response to the outbreak of Ebola. Most recently money from Running For Change has gone towards Street Child's 'Girls Speak Out' campaign.

In 2016 we turned our attention to Nepal. Still recovering from the devasting earthquake in 2015, Nepal faces many challenges given the wide-ranging destruction caused by the earthquake and the country's limited resources to respond.

We welcome and thank you for your support. 

  • Sierra Leone Marathon 2012
  • Sierra Leone Marathon 2013
  • Sierra Leone Marathon 2014

2012 metais šeši Lietuvos bėgikai subūrė komandą, kuri sau išsikėlė vienintelį tikslą - nubėgti Sierra Leone maratoną, kuris vyko 2012 metų birželio 9 dieną Siera Leonėje ir buvo skirtas paremti labdaros organizaciją Street Child.

Grįžę iš savo pirmosios kelionės mes toliau bėgome ir tęsėme savo pasakojimą bei darbą siekdami surinkti kuo daugiau lėšų. 2013 metų gegužės mėnesį mes vėl sugrįžome į Siera Leonę tam, kad dar kartą nubėgtume maratoną ir apsilankytume Tambakhos regione, kuriame už mūsų surinktas lėšas bus statoma pradinė mokykla.

Trumpas filmukas apie mūsų kelionę į Siera Leonę:


2014 ir 2015 metais mes ir toliau tęsėme lėšų rinkimą Siera Leonei, daugiausiai finansų skirdami paremti mokyklą Kotor kaime, o vėliau padėjome Street Child labdaros organizacijai jų kovoje su Ebolos  viruso protrūkiu šioje vakarų Afrikos valstybėje. Visai nesenai Running for change surinkti pinigai buvo pervesti Street Child organizuotai akcijai "Girls Speak Out".
2016 mes suradome naują mūsų dėmesio ir pastangų vertą tikslą - Nepalą. Ši kalnų valstybė, vis dar bandanti atsigauti po siaubingo žemės drebėjimo, įvykusio 2015 metais, turėdama labai ribotas galimybes ir išteklius, šiuo metu susiduria su dideliais sunkumais, likviduodama žemės drebėjimo pasekmes. 

Labai laukiame Jūsų paramos ir dėkojame už ją iš anksto.




The Charity

The Running For Change Team is supporting the work of Street Child.

Street Child works in Sierra Leone to help get children off the street and back into school, giving them the opportunity for a better future.

  • Leo at the Street Child Centre
  • Street Child Centre, Makeni
  • Ryits leading a karate lesson

Street Child is a volunteer led charity, registered  in the UK, which works to reduce the number of children living on the streets in one of the poorest countries in the world.

Street Child's work focuses on tackling two areas:

  1. Reducing the number of children living on the streets. Street Child provides daily care and food, reconciles the child with their family, educates them & promotes their rights. 
  2. Reducing the number of children heading to the streets.  In 2010 Street Child launched its 'Every Child in School' programme to work with communities on building schools and promoting the importance of education. Since its launch the programme has grown to support almost 400 teachers, and has a presence in 127 communties across Sierra Leone. As a result Street Child has created first ever access to education for over 17,000 children in rural communities.

We have a close relationship with the team in London who run Street Child. This is one of the main reasons we have chosen to support them. We have complete trust that our effort, and the money raised will be used appropriately and transparently to change the lives of street children in Sierra Leone. 

Street Child in Nepal

In 2015 Street Child began to work in Nepal following that year's devasting earthquake. They bring their expertise in setting up & providing schooling to remote communities in regions where over 50,000 classrooms were lost in the earthquake.

Street Child are working in the four regions hardest hit by the earthquake. They have already set up 40 temporary Learning Centres for children in Okhaldunga, and are providing training to new tutors. Now their goal is to set up a further 45 semi-permanent Learning Centres across all four regions.

For more information, please visit their website: www.street-child.co.uk

The Team

The first Running For Change team was made up of six guys from Lithuania who came together at the beginning of 2012 with one common aim - to run in marathon in Sierra Leone on 9 June 2012 in support of the charity Street Child. The team members are:

Mindaugas Grigas, Tomas Kairys, Ben Harvey, Oleg Kovrikov, Rytis Bublevicius and Leo Pobedonoscevas.

  • Ben
  • Rytis
  • Leo
  • Mindaugas
  • Tomas
  • Oleg

Click here to watch a video from the Team's trip to Sierra Leone and hear them reflect on their experience:


  • With our kids & The Box
  • Training in -20 degrees
  • @ Druskininkai half marathon 2012

Listen to Leo, Tomas & Mindaugas talking about our project on ZIP FM in 2012:


Nepal 2016

Four of the original team have reunited to take part in the Nepal International Marathon on 26 November 2016.

Ben Harvey, Leo Pobedonoscevas, Oleg Kovrikov and Mindaugas Grigas are joined by Zamira Grigiene for this latest challenge. 

The Marathon


  • Leo in 2012
  • Running for Street Child
  • Mindaugas in 2013

Overview of the Sierra Leone Marathon 

Described by Runners World Magazine as 'quite possibly the world's most worthwhile marathon'.

Where: Makeni, Sierra Leone. Makeni is the largest town in the north of Sierra Leone with a population of approx 100,000.  It is about 120 miles (two hours' drive) from the capital Freetown.

When: 28 May 2017 - run starts at 0600 local time.

What will the route be like: The marathon will be run on both tarred (approximately 30%) and rural roads (approximately 70%), the majority of which are hard-packed mud roads. The route will take in some of the most beautiful scenes of Northern Sierra Leone.

What will the climate be like: Sierra Leone has a tropical climate, warm temperatures and high humidity. June is on the cusp of the dry season moving into the rainy season. The run will be hot - but with a dawn start to avoid the worst of the heat and regular water and rehydration stops, not too hot!

All information about the marathon can be found using the following link:

Sierra Leone Marathon 

The Nepal International Marathon

Where: Kakani

When: 26 November 2016

Full information can be found by following this link:


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