The Running For Change Team is supporting the work of Street Child.

Street Child works in Sierra Leone to help get children off the street and back into school, giving them the opportunity for a better future.

  • Leo at the Street Child Centre
  • Street Child Centre, Makeni
  • Ryits leading a karate lesson

Street Child is a volunteer led charity, registered  in the UK, which works to reduce the number of children living on the streets in one of the poorest countries in the world.

Street Child's work focuses on tackling two areas:

  1. Reducing the number of children living on the streets. Street Child provides daily care and food, reconciles the child with their family, educates them & promotes their rights. 
  2. Reducing the number of children heading to the streets.  In 2010 Street Child launched its 'Every Child in School' programme to work with communities on building schools and promoting the importance of education. Since its launch the programme has grown to support almost 400 teachers, and has a presence in 127 communties across Sierra Leone. As a result Street Child has created first ever access to education for over 17,000 children in rural communities.

We have a close relationship with the team in London who run Street Child. This is one of the main reasons we have chosen to support them. We have complete trust that our effort, and the money raised will be used appropriately and transparently to change the lives of street children in Sierra Leone. 

Street Child in Nepal

In 2015 Street Child began to work in Nepal following that year's devasting earthquake. They bring their expertise in setting up & providing schooling to remote communities in regions where over 50,000 classrooms were lost in the earthquake.

Street Child are working in the four regions hardest hit by the earthquake. They have already set up 40 temporary Learning Centres for children in Okhaldunga, and are providing training to new tutors. Now their goal is to set up a further 45 semi-permanent Learning Centres across all four regions.

For more information, please visit their website:

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